ISO379 Car Interior Decoration Flammability Test Chamber

Standard:IEC60950Usage:Flame Testing Equipment
Power/grade:Car Interior Decoration MaterialUp To Standard:FMVSS302,ISO379,DIN7520,ASTMD5132,TL1010
The Height Between Blast Burning And Test Specimen:19mm(adjustable Nozzle Centre Below The Centre Of Free End Of Specimen)Metal Comb:Length Is At Least 110mm, Have 7~8 Smooth Crenations Of Every 25mm
Flame Height:Can Be Adjusted From 20mm To 100mm According To Standard RequirementBlast Burner:Nozzle Jet Inner Diameter Ø9.5±0.1mm Effective Length 100mm,have Air Louver
High Light:CNAS Flammability Test Chamber ,  IEC60950 CNAS Flammability Test Chamber ,  CNAS flammability tester

Automobile Interior Decoration Flammability Test Chamber ISO379


BurnerΦ9.5mm ± 0.3mm, about 100mm long Bunsen burner
Test inclinationBunsen burner burns 90 ° vertically against a horizontally placed sample
Flame heightadjustable from 20mm ± 2mm to 100mm ± 2mm (generally adjusted to 38mm)
Flame application time0-999.9s ± 0.1s adjustable (usually 15s)
Combustion gasliquefied petroleum gas or coal gas
Temperature range0 ~ 200 ℃ (display the internal temperature of the studio in the test state)
Test processmanual control of test procedure
Reference standardFMVSS 571.302
Studio volume385mm wide × 204mm deep × 360mm high (about 0.03m3)


1. The combustion test of automotive interior materials is mainly based on  the American standard FMVSS 571.302 and other standards to simulate the combustion performance safety test items.
2.The combustion test of automotive interior materials uses a Bunsen burner of a specified size and a specific fuel gas source (liquefied petroleum gas or gas), and flames the automotive interior materials in a horizontal state according to a certain flame height and a certain flame angle Time, to evaluate the ignitability and fire hazard of the test specimen by ignition, duration and length of combustion.
3. The combustion tester for automotive interior materials is mainly used for qualitative evaluation of the flammability of automotive interior materials. It is applicable to various types of automotive interior material manufacturers and their research and production and quality inspection departments of material parts, and it is also suitable for insulation materials, engineering plastics or other solid combustible materials industries.


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ISO379 Car Interior Decoration Flammability Test Chamber 0
ISO379 Car Interior Decoration Flammability Test Chamber 1

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