Heavy Current Ignition IEC60950 UL Flammability Testing

Working Voltage:110V/60HzControl Operation Mode:Electrical Control, Button Operation
Standard:IEC 60950-1,BS EN 60950-1,BS 7002, UL746A, IEC60947.1, IEC730.1Test Sample:Information Technology Equipment, Low Voltage Switch And Control Equipment Parts
Function:Or Arcing Resistance Test Of Electric And Electronic Products, Household Appliances And Its Materials.Arc Strike Current And Power Factor:When The Power Factor Is 0.5, The Current Is 33A±0.5A
Arc Strike Speed:40 Times/minElectrode Separation Velocity:254±25㎜/S
Electrode Included Angle:Form 45° With Level,electrode Head Radius Of Curvature 0.1mmElectrode Material:Static Electrode—copper,dia.Ф3.5mm (Ф3.2)×152mm,top Bevel Angle 30° Moving Electrode—stainless Steel,diaФ3.5mm(Ф3.2)×152mm, Top Cone Angle 60°
High Light:IEC60950 UL Flammability Testing ,  SGS UL Flammability Testing ,  UL746A fire testing equipment

IEC60950 Heavy Current IgnitionTester Button Operation With Smoke Vent


Working voltage110V/60Hz
Control operation modeElectrical control, button operation
Arc strike current and power factorWhen the power factor is 0.5, the current is 33A±0.5A
Arc strike speed40 times/min
Electrode separation velocity254±25㎜/S
Arc strike times0-9999 can be preset
Electrode materialStatic electrode—copper,dia.Ф3.5mm (Ф3.2)×152mm,top bevel angle 30° Moving electrode—stainless steel,diaФ3.5mm(Ф3.2)×152mm, top cone angle 60°
Electrode included angleForm 45° with level,electrode head radius of curvature 0.1mm
Test procedureAutomatic control, independent exhaust
LightingEquip with lighting in the test chamber, with control
Test chamber and dimensionLWH:800×700×1600mm,300kg

Standard:IEC 60950-1,BS EN 60950-1,BS 7002, UL746A, IEC60947.1, IEC730.1.


It is suitable for arcing resistance test of electric and electronic products, household appliances and its materials.

The working principle is to simulate the electric leakage on the insulator which may cause among different polar of live parts or between live parts and grounded (earthed) metal parts. It is used to measure and assess the arc resistance performance of insulator under the prescribed voltage.

Test sample:

Information technology equipment, low voltage switch and control equipment parts.


Heavy current ignition tester adopts dual electrodes. With specific current (33A) and power factor (COSφ0.5), according to a certain arc strike speed (254mm/s) and repetition frequency (40 times/min), repeatedly arc strike to 200 times on the surface of specimen. The large current arc ignition performance (HAI) can be assessed according to whether the sample can be ignited. The smaller of the grade number, the more difficult for burning material.


a) Do not start the testing or debugging if the current and voltage regulators are on the high gear positions, in order to avoid circuit breaker tripping which is caused by instantaneous large current.

b) The electrode is particularly susceptible to be damaged, after each testing, the electrode should be trimmed clearance.

c) The instrument is equipped with a door protection switch, the door must be completely closed.

d) The device will generate much heat, it should be placed in a ventilated place, the back of the device should keep a certain distance from other objects to ensure the fluidity of air, and please do regular checks for exhaust fan to ensure safety.

e) The power supply of the device requires ground protection

f) The polarity colors of the power cord: Brown is for (L) line, blue is for (N) line, black is for (E) line.

Heavy Current Ignition IEC60950 UL Flammability Testing 0

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