BS1363 Figure17a Plug Socket Tester For Temperature Rise

Standards:BS1363 Figure 17aName:Test Apparatus For Temperature Rise Test
Function:For Temperature Rise TestTest Cabinet Material:10mm Nominal Plywood
Test Cabinet Finish:Internal. Two Coats Of Matt Paint. BS4800 Colour No.08 C35.Test Cabinet Dimensions:Internal.500mmX500mmX500mm With A Tolerance Of +-10mm For Each Dimension.
Location:Inimum Clearance From Adjacent Surfaces, Measured Horizontally 150mm On All Sides, Measured Vertially 300mm Above, 500mm Below.Wooden Mounting Block:1
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BS1363 Figure17a Test Apparatus For Temperature Rise Test


StandardsBS1363 Figure 17a
FunctionFor temperature rise test
Test cabinet Meterial10mm nominal plywood
Test cabinet FinishTwo coats of matt paint. BS4800 colour no.08 C35.
DimensionsInternal.500mmX500mmX500mm with a tolerance of +-10mm for each dimension.

Test cabinet Meterial: 10mm nominal plywood.
Test cabinet Finish: Internal. Two coats of matt paint. BS4800 colour no.08 C35.
Dimensions: Internal.500mmX500mmX500mm with a tolerance of +-10mm for each dimension.
One will to be removable to provide access.
Location: Minimum clearance from adjacent surfaces, measured horizontally 150mm on all sides, measured vertially 300mm above, 500mm below.

BS1363 List of references

Figure17a)-Test apparatus for temperature-rise- test
Figure 17b)-dummy front plate for temperature-rise test
Figure 18-apparatus for flexing test
Figure 19-solid link for test on fuse clips
Figure 20–tumbling barrel
Figure 21-pendulum impact test
Figure 23-apparatus for pressure test
Figure 24-apparatus for ball pressure test
Figure 28-calibrated link
Figure 29-calibration jig for calibrated link
Figure 30-test plug for temperature rise
Figure 32-apparatus for tests on adaptor pins

Figure 33-apparatus for torsion test on pins
Figure 34-test plug
Figure 35-simulated plug and cord devices
Figure 36-apparatus for calibration of turning moment of
simulated plug
Figure 37-turning moment apparatus
Figure 38-solid links for test on fuse clips

Figure1 test pin
Figure 2a)-apparatus for mechanical strength test on resilient covers
Figure 2b)-hardwood block for Figure 2a)
Figure 3-disposition of socket contacts
Figure 4-dimensions and disposition of pins
Figure 5-gauge for adaptor pins
Figure 6-apparatus for testing plug cover fixing screws
Figure 7-mounting plate
Figure 8-plug pin deflection test apparatus for resilient adaptors
Figure 9-apparatus for abrasion test on insulating sleeves of plug pins
Figure 10-apparatus for pressure test at high temperatures
Figure 11-GO gauge for socket-outlet
Figure 12-contact test gauge
Figure 13-test apparatus and circuit for use with contact and non-contact test gauges
Figure 14-non-contact test gauge
Figure 16-withdrawal pull gauges for effectiveness of contact

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