Fig8 IEC60065 Test Finger Probe , Antenna Coax Plugs And Sockets

Standards:IEC60065 Figure 8Warranty:12 Months
Material:Stainless SteelTest Sample:Audio, Video And Similar Electronic Apparatus
High Light:IEC60065 Test Finger Probe ,  CNAS Test Finger Probe ,  IEC60065 coax plugs and sockets

Test Plug For Mechanical Tests On Antenna Coaxial Sockets

Product information:

This test plug conforms to IEC60065 Figure 8 standard requirement.

It is used to test the antenna coaxial socket which is installed on the device and equipped with parts or components which isolate the hazardous live parts and accessible parts. Its structure should be able to withstand the expected mechanical stress that might encounter during the use process. It is made entirely of stainless steel. All parts are machined with precision.

Technical parameters:

No.ItemIndex value
1a9.576 0 -1
2b8.05 minimum
3c2.438 0 -1
4d9.1 minimum
5e7.112 minimum
11bore diameterФ1.5

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