Temperature Humidity Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber

Standards:ASTM B-117, ASTM B-268, B-268 ASTM D1735 ASTM B117 ISO 9227, 3768, 3769,3770 IEC68-2-11 IEC 68-2-30Temperature&humidity Of The Operating Environment:+5°C~ +35°C / <85%RH
Air Pressure:86~ 106KpaPH Value:NSS&ACSS:6.5~7.2 / CASS:3.0~3.2
Compressed Air Pressure:1.00±0.01kgf/cm2Salt Fog Settlement:1.0~2.0ml/80cm2/h (the Average Value After Collecting 16 Hours At Least)
Material:Imported Corrosion Resisting,aging Resistance, High Strength P.V.C BoardTemperature Controller:LCD Digital Display Multicolor Touch Screen Temperature Controller
High Light:CNAS ASTM B-117 Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber ,  CNAS ASTM B-268 Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber ,  CNAS salt spray test equipment

Temperature Humidity And Salt Spray Combined Chamber Corrosion Tester


Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber,Corrosion Chamber,Corrosion Test Chamber is applicable for various kinds material’s surface treatment with temperature humidity and salt water spray, such as after coating, electroplate, inorganic and organic membrane dermal, negative pole with antirust oil treatment etc anti-corrosive treatment to test the corrosion-resistance of the product.
Can also be used to external lighting and signal device and vehicle lamps shell protection. Walk in type salt spray test chamber is available for us.


Interior Test Chamber
Exterior Test Chamber Dimension(cm)(L×W×H)141*145*140190*165*140200*190*140240*220*150
Capacity of the chamber(L)270L480L800L1000L
Capacity of the salt water tank(L)25L40L
PowerAC 220V 50HZAC 380V 50HZ
temperature&humidity of the operating environment+5°C~ +35°C / <85%RH
air pressure86~ 106Kpa
Lab. temperatureNSS ACSS 35°C±1°C
CASS 50°C±1°C
Pressure barrel temperatureNSS ACSS 47°C±1°C
CASS 63°C±1°C
Control Accuracy
Test room temperature range: +0℃~+85℃Relative humidity: 20%~98%RH(±3%)
Saturated barrel temperature: 47℃~70℃Temperature/humidity uniformity: ≤±2℃ ≤±3%
temperature resolution: 0.01 ℃Humidity Resolution: 0.1% RH
temperature fluctuation: ± 0.5 ℃Humidity fluctuation: ± 2% RH
PH valueNSS&ACSS:6.5~7.2 / CASS:3.0~3.2
compressed air pressure1.00±0.01kgf/cm2
salt fog settlement1.0~2.0ml/80cm2/h (the average value after collecting 16 hours at least)
materialimported corrosion resisting,aging resistance, high strength P.V.C board
temperature controllerLCD digital display multicolor touch screen temperature controller
spraying modecontinuous / batch type spraying (optional)
Demist deviceyes
safety deviceover temperature protection,earth leakage protection,state caution light etc

Corresponding Standard:

ASTM B-117, ASTM B-268, B-268 ASTM D1735 ASTM B117
ISO 9227, 3768, 3769,3770 IEC68-2-11 IEC 68-2-30
IEC60068-2-1.1990 IEC60068-2-2.1974 EIA – 364-31C
IEC68-2-03 EIA – 364-59 K-5400,Z-2371
JIS D-0201 H-8502,H-8610 CNS 3627, 3885,4159,7669,8866


A. Test chamber outside the box are made of CPVC polyethylene plates, thickness 10mm.
B. Laboratory closures with PVC polyethylene board, thickness 5mm/8mm
C. Supplementary reagent bottle with PVC polyethylene board, hidden water table attached
D. Humidification fill the tank with PVC polyethylene board, hidden water table attached
E. Pressure air tank with SUS304 # stainless steel high pressure barrel insulation best
F. Tune greenhouse: SUS304 # stainless steel box with inner and outer box with PVC polyethylene board
G. Insulation material: polyurethane rigid foam plastic
H. Automatic lift by cylinder closures
I. Adopts SUS304 # stainless steel bottom chassis and removable casters and positioning foot cups
J. Transparent viewing window, combined with defogging device, easy to be clearly observed during the test to the test
K. Specially designed sealed damper can be switched automatically or temperature and humidity, salt spray test

Applicable range:
Temperature humidity and salt spray combined chamber is closest to the actual accelerated corrosion tests in natural
conditions, the natural environment, the more common situation to be simulated to be a combination of the number of
aternity tests, such as salt spray in the harsh conditions of the natural environment. dry, wet, allowed to stand at room
The main product is tested against environmental changes under intense use products, such as automotive parts, aviation
equipment, photographic equipment, building materials, electronic appliances, such as plating and coating

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