3 Work Station Electric Wire Abrasion Test Apparatus

Standards:IEC60245Working Station:3
Weight:500±5g*3Test Stroke:0.1mm Up-and-down Movement
Test Rate:Single Strokes 40±1 Times/minuteFixed Shaft Diameter:Φ40±0.3mm
Power Supply:AC230V 50HzCounter:0~999999 (can Be Preset)
High Light:IEC60245 Abrasion Test Apparatus ,  230V Abrasion Test Apparatus ,  50Hz electric abrasion test

Electric Wire Abrasion Test Apparatus 3 work station cable tester

Technical Parameters:

Power supplyAC230V 50Hz
Fixed shaft diameterΦ40±0.3mm
Test rateSingle strokes 40±1 times/minute
Test stroke0.1mm up-and-down movement
Working station3
Counter0~999999 (can be preset)
Dimension1200×400×1400 (mm)

Products Introduction:

This apparatus conforms to IEC60245-1 Rubber insulated cables-Rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V-Part 1:General requirements,IEC60245-2 clause 3.3 and Figure 3 Rubber insulated cables-Rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V-Part 2: Test methods.

It is used for checking the wear resistance test of the completed flexible cables.

Test method:

1. This test shall be made on three pairs of samples of flexible cable, each sample having a length of about 1m.

2. In each pair one sample shall be wound so as to give nearly two turns on a fixed reel having a diameter of 40mm at the bottom of the groove as shown in figure 3, the distance between the flanges of the reel being such that the turns are in close contact with each other. The sample shall then be fixed to prevent any movement relative to the reel.

3. The other sample shall be placed in the groove formed by the turns and a weight having a mass of 500g shall be attached to one end.

4. The other end shall be moved up and down over a distance of 0.1m, at a rate of about 40 single strokes per minute.

Panel function:

[Counter]: Set the total test times required according to the test requirements. When the test times reaches the set value, the equipment automatically stop test.

[Speed regulation]: Adjust the motor speed, that is, adjust the movement speed of the movable clamp.

[Stop]: Press this button to stop the test.

[Start]: Press this button to start the test.

[Power]: Turn on and off the working power of this machine.

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