IEC60598 Environmental Testing Chambers , Draught Proof Enclosure

Color:BlackVentilation Rate:40%
Outer Size:2100x2100x2150mm (L*W*H) Can Be CustomerizeUsage:For All Kinds Of Lamps And Accessories To Avoid Air Convection During Temperature Rise Detection
Stencil Aperture:Φ2mmStencil Thickness:1mm
Spaced Interval:150mmStandard:IEC60598/EN60598-1
High Light:IEC60598 Environmental Testing Chambers ,  IEC60598 SGS Environmental Testing Chambers ,  EN60598-1 draught proof enclosure

IEC60598 Annex D Luminaries Draught Proof For Lamp Test Enclosure

Product Introduce:

The windshield is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of Appendix D of GB7000.1/IEC60598.1. It is suitable for temperature rise test of lamps under normal and abnormal working conditions. Plywood board with 20 mm bottom and double-layer metal mesh board with 150 m space between inside and outside mesh boards and 40% ventilation rate are installed in windshield. Installation boards suitable for installation of various lamps and lanterns are installed in windshield. All installation boards and mesh boards are sprayed black and dull.


Outer size (mm)2100x2100x2150mm (L*W*H)
Inner size (mm)1800x1800x2000mm (or other customized sizes) (L*W*H)
StructureRectangular, top and four sides of double-layer structure
Stencil aperture(mm)Φ2
Ventilation rate40%±5%
Stencil thickness (mm)1
Spaced interval (mm)150

Using Instructions:

1. The power supply used by the lamps penetrates through the holes in the wooden floor.

2. High temperature silica gel bonding or laser welding of temperature sensitive copper sheet and thermocouple wire.

3. Temperature sensitive copper sheet is put into the hole of sample mounting plate and sprayed into Matt black.

4. The thermocouple wire leads out the windshield and connects with the temperature collector.

5. The lamp is installed on the sample installation board. The sample is connected to the power supply.

The person leaves the windshield and closes the windshield door.

6. At the beginning of the test, the temperature of lamps and lanterns began to be collected.

7. After the trial, turn off the power supply and take out the lamps.


1. The position of the windshield should be as far away as possible from the airflow and prevent the sudden change of air temperature and the radiation heat of the light source.

2. The clearance between the inner surface of the windshield and any part of the lamp shall be at least 200 m

3. Temperature shall be about 25℃.

4. Prevent man-made or objects from hitting the windshield.

More details:

IEC60598 Environmental Testing Chambers , Draught Proof Enclosure 0
IEC60598 Environmental Testing Chambers , Draught Proof Enclosure 1
IEC60598 Environmental Testing Chambers , Draught Proof Enclosure 2

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