IPX3 Oscillating Tube Ingress Protection Test Equipment

Material:Stainless SteelIP Code:IPX3, IPX4
Pressure Gauge:0~0.25MPaStandard:IEC60529
Size Of The Oscillating Tube:R400. R200, R600, R800, R1000, R1200, R1400, R1600mm. OptionalNeedle Hole:Φ0.4mm
Angle Of Two Holes:IPX3: 120°; IPX4: 180°Swing Angle:IPX3: 120°(±60°) ; IPX4: 350°(±175°)
Swing Speed:IPX3: 4 S/time(2×120°) ; IPX4: 12 S/time(2×350°)Water Flow:1-10L/min Adjustable
High Light:IPX3 Ingress Protection Test Equipment ,  IPX4 Ingress Protection Test Equipment ,  IEC60529 ingress protection testing

IEC60529 IPX3 IPX4 Oscillating Tube Waterproof Testing Equipment

Conform to:
IEC 60335-1
ISO20653 IP Code of the IPX3 and IPX4

Technical parameters:

Power supplySingle-phase AC220V 50Hz or customize
Water supplyWater flow rate>10L/min±5% clean water without inclusion. This device is equipped with clean water filtration unit
Control and operationPLC intelligent control, 7 inch color touch screen operation
The size of the oscillating tubeR400. R200, R600, R800, R1000, R1200, R1400, R1600mm. Optional, stainless steel
Needle holeΦ0.4mm
Included angle of two holesIPX3: 120°; IPX4: 180°
Swing angleIPX3: 120°(±60°) ;
IPX4: 350°(±175°)
Swing speedIPX3: 4 s/time(2×120°) ;
IPX4: 12 s/time(2×350°) ;
Water flow1-10L/min adjustable
Testing time0.01S~99hours 59min, can be preset
Rotary plateDiameter: Φ600mm; Rotate speed:1r/min.
Can be paused at four aspects, Load bearing≤50kg, electrical equipment
Pressure gauge0~0.25MPa
Site requirementsDedicated IP waterproof test room, The ground should be flat with illumination
10A waterproof leakage switch(or socket) used for equipment. With good function of inflow and drainage. Ground installation
Area coveredIt is set according to the selected oscillating tube


The Oscillating tube testing equipment is used for the testing of IPX3 and IPX4
The test apparatus with water proof functions, such as electronic appliances, lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components,

car, motorcycle, electrical products (such as automotive instrument, all kinds of switches, micro motors, etc.).


IPX34 oscillating tube test device, the pendulum tube driver adopts high-quality servo stepping motor, the swinging speed and angle are precisely adjustable, and there is no out-of-step problem (the risk of out-of-step: it will cause the swinging tube to malfunction, hitting the middle turntable shaft, causing equipment damage)
There are two models: Open type and chamber type. Using PLC control, motor drive oscillating tube to do the reciprocating motion at a certain angle, at the same time control the water flow, the turntable rotates at a certain speed, so that to make every side of the sample testing uniformly.

Other IP products features:

IPX12: With compressed air drying function, after the test is completed, the excess water in the drip tank can be removed to avoid long-term water accumulation and fouling, causing block the pinhole (Please note: need users supply gas source)

IPX56: Monolithic structure, not need the operator to carry a spray gun to do the test, just start the test directly after fixing the sample.

• The water supply line is equipped with a filter to filter impurities in the water to prevent nozzle clogging.
• The LED waterproof lighting is installed in the test box, and there is a large observation window on the door to facilitate the observation of the test sample.
• The equipment equipped with a water tank recycling water, no need building a professional waterproof test room. The water tank float valve in the water tank automatically controls the water inlet, and has high and low water level alarm monitoring to effectively prevent the pump from being damaged due to running out of water.
• The turntable uses a stepper motor, the speed can be set on the touch screen, and can control the forward and reverse rotation (suitable for the sample power-on test to prevent winding).
• Touch screen control function: The self-developed IPXX waterproof level test operation interface, directly select the waterproof level, you can automatically test according to the waterproof rating conditions in the standard terms.
• Test sample input power: single-phase 220V/10A (other specifications can be customized)
• Equipment power supply frequency: Default 50Hz (can customize 60Hz special equipment)

Special note: 50Hz equipment will run faster under 60Hz power supply, so will not meet the standard requirements, and too fast speed will cause overheating and shorten its life)

Customer Usage Site:

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