Checking Conductors Damage IEC60884 Fig11 Test Apparatus

Reference Standard:IEC 60884 Figure 11Test Speed:(10±2)r/min
Working Stations:2 Working StationsTest Height:260, 280, 300, 320mm (Adjustable)
Rotating Radius:35mmRotating Weight:0.3,0.4,0.7,0.9,1.4,2.0kg
Pulling Weight:30N, 40N, 50N, 60N Each For 2 PiecesBushing Hole Diameter:Φ6.5mm, Φ9.5mm, Φ13mm, Φ14.5mm, Each For 2 Pieces
High Light:IEC60884 Test Apparatus ,  40N Test Apparatus ,  60N clamping screw tensile machine

IEC60884 Fig11 Test Apparatus For Checking Damage To Conductors

Product details:

This testing machine is also called the test apparatus for checking damage degree of wire which confirms to many standards such as IEC60884-1 clause 12.3.10 figure 11, IEC60669 and so on. This compliance is used for judging whether the design and the structure of the clamping screw terminal is correspondent with the requirement of non over-damage to the wire. Besides, it is also used to check whether the clamping screw terminal can bear the stress during the process of normal usage. The testing times can be preset before the test, and the compliance stops automatically with the alarm when the testing times are reached.

Technical parameters:

Power SupplyAC220V, 50Hz
Test Speed(10±2)r/min
Timer Range0-99 hours 59 minutes
Working Stations2 working stations
Test Height260, 280, 300, 320mm (Adjustable)
Rotating Radius35mm
Rotating Weight0.3,0.4,0.7,0.9,1.4,2.0kg, each for 2 pieces
Pulling Weight30N, 40N, 50N, 60N each for 2 pieces
Bushing Hole DiameterΦ6.5mm, Φ9.5mm, Φ13mm, Φ14.5mm, each for 2 pieces.
Environmental Requirements0 ~ 40℃, Relative humidity ≤80%.

Values for flexing under mechanical load test for copper conductors

Nominal cross-sectional area of conductor (mm²)Diameter of bushing hole ( mm)Height (mm)Mass for conductor (kg)
The height:±15mm. If the bushing-hole diameter is not large enough to accommodate the conductor without binding, a bushing having the next larger hole size may be used.

Maintenance and Precautions:

1. Bushing and weight should be kept clean and dry in non-working time, if necessary, painted with oil and seal.

2. The bearing parts should be lubricated periodically, and the whole unit should be kept clean.

3. Pay attention to safety when carrying the heavy weights.

Checking Conductors Damage IEC60884 Fig11 Test Apparatus 0

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