20KN Cable Testing Equipment , Tensile Testing Machine

Capacity:2000KGPrecision Grade:Level 0.1
The Maximum Load Of The Beam:20KNThe Effective Measurement Range:0.02/100-100%
The Effective Test Width:390mmThe Station Itinerary:1000mm
The Speed Of Test:10~500mm/minSpeed Precision:Less Than 0.1% Of The Indication Value
High Light:20KN Cable Testing Equipment ,  390mm Cable Testing Equipment ,  SGS tensile testing machine

Cable Tester Tensile And Elongation Strength Measuring Equipment


This device is suitable for all kinds of food packaging, textile, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, tape, electronics, metal and other industries, such as materials and products to do tensile, peeling, tearing and other tests to determine the quality of the product. The machine adopts electromechanical integration design, mainly composed of force sensor, transmitter, microprocessor, load driving mechanism and computer. The precision is high and the operation is simple.


Precision gradelevel 0.1
The maximum load of the beam20KN
The effective measurement range0.02/100-100%
The resolution of the test force, the internal and external files, and the whole resolution unchanged.
The effective test width390mm
The station itinerary1000mm
The speed of test10~500mm/min
Speed precisionless than 0.1% of the indication value
The precision of displacement measurementless than 0.1% of the indication
The precision of deformation measurementwithin 0.1% of the indication value
Acquisition induction modehigh precision sensor
Control systemfull digital AC servo controller
Tooling and fixture configurationtotal two sets, one set for rubber and plastic materials, the other set for electrical cables and wires
Software measurement and control systemall digital closed loop control system, which can realize constant stress, constant strain, constant displacement and test function.
test bench lifting devicecomputer numerical control
test bench safety protection devicesoftware automatic diagnosis, electronic limit
Test regressionmanual can return to the initial position at the highest speed and automatically return automatically after the test.
Overload protectionthe maximum load can be set, and automatic protection.
Host computerspecial monitoring and control software, computer hardware using Lenovo brand business computer.
The weight of the hostabout 145kg


Material: the machine cover, all aluminum profiles are opened without any solder joints, and the shell is smooth and smooth, durable.

Motor: servo motor + servo drive;

Transmission: T type ball screw rod + light rod linear bearing;

Displacement: servo drive integrated light speed encoder.


1 tool box suitable for stripping of cables.

A computer


20KN Cable Testing Equipment , Tensile Testing Machine
20KN Cable Testing Equipment , Tensile Testing Machine 1

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