IEC61032 Children Safety Small Test Finger Probe 19

Material:Stainless Steel And NylonStandards:IEC61032, IEC60335, UL1017
Warranty:24 MonthsUsage:Children Safety Tester
Name:IEC61032 Test Probe 18 19Figure 12:Children Finger Probe 18
Figure 13:Children Finger Probe 19Knurled Finger Length:57.9/44 Mm
High Light:IEC 61032 Test Finger Probe ,  Stainless Steel Nylon Test Finger Probe

IEC61032 Figure 12 Test Probe 19 Children Safety Test Finger Probe


Children Test Finger / Children Test Finger 19
1. According to:IEC 61032-1997 and UL
2. Children Test Finger 19 Probe is the necessary appliance to prevent electic shock for household and similar electrical problem

Technical Parameters:
1. Knurled Finger Diameter: 5.6mm
2. Knurled Finger Length: 44mm
3. Head Radius: 2.8mm
4. The First Headle Diameter: 25.9mm
5. The First Headle Length: 101.6mm
6. The Second Headle Diameter: 25.4mm
7. The Second Handle Length: 464.3mm
8. Reference Standards:  IEC 61032: 1997 Figure 13

The metal parts of the Test Probe can not touch the live parts or not close to hazardous parts. plastic dam-board can not be enter. The reference standards are different, please according to related standards on the detailed test. This shows that only based on IEC 61032 & GB16842
Note: Children Test Finger 19 is made of precision stainless steel. lightly put and take when using. and pay attention to maintenance

The test is repeated using small finger probes according to test probes 18 and 19 of IEC 61032:1997. This does not apply if the intended conditions of use prevent the apparatus from being accessed by children.
For verifying whether the LIVE PARTS touched, the probe is equipped with amphenol connector, recommended to work with our anti-shock probe experiment device or a 40~50V voltage indicator.

IEC61032 Children Safety Small Test Finger Probe 19 0

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