Electronic IPX8 Ingress Protection Test Equipment

Detailed Product Description
Standard: IEC 60529, EN 60529 Application: Water Spray Testing For IPX7 IPX8
Interior Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel Plate Power: Electronic
Testing Time: 0-99min Usage: Water Ingress Protection Test
Range Of Test Depth: 0-50m Range Of Test Pressure: -0.08-0.2Mpa/-0.8-2bar
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SUS304 ipx8 Ingress Protection Test Equipment


SUS304 EN 60529 Ingress Protection Test Equipment


SUS304 ipx8 waterproof test

IPX8 Positive / Negative Pressure Immersion Test Device IEC60335​


The IPX8 Immersion Test Device with positive pressure and negative pressure.

I) Positive pressure

By applying compressed air, push the pressure to water to simulate the corresponding test environment.

2)Negative pressure

The pressure difference between the inside and outside of the product shell is obtained by pumping the air above the water surface.

And, use the pressure to test.


Model SC-IPX8-50AS-100L
Inner dimension Diameter:500mm Height:500mm
Outer dimension 650x700x750mm
Wall thickness 4mm
Range of test depth 0-50m
Range of test pressure -0.08-0.2Mpa/-0.8-2bar
Vent pressure of safety valve 0.55Mpa/5.5bar
Pressure error value ±0.002Mpa
Intake adjustment mode Manual adjustment
Supply voltage 220V
Pressure display mode Pressure pickup
Pressure control mode Automatic regulation


Under the device with shell protection grade (IP code) based mainly for electronic and electrical products, outdoor lighting, electric cabinet, communication equipment, diving equipment and other products to simulate the water environment to test the protective performance of IP products.

The test results are used to determine whether the requirements are met, so as to provide the design, development, optimization and ex factory inspection of the product.


Assessment of enclosures and sealing element whether can ensure good performance of equipment and components after the water test or during the test.

Confirm to standards:

IEC 60529 IPX7 IPX8;

EN 60529 IPX7 IPX8;

IEC 60884-1;

IEC 60598-1;

IEC 60335-1 and so on.

This test equipment is designed and manufactured as per Iec 60529 2013 clause 14.2.8.
Test for second characteristic numeral 8: continuous immersion subject to agreement.
Unless there is a relevant product standard, the test conditions are subject to agreement between manufacturer

and user, but they shall be more severe than those prescribed in 14.2.7 and they shall take account of the condition

that the enclosure will be continuously immersed in actual use.

SC-IPX waterproof test machine is according to IEC60529:1989 +A1:1999+A2:2013 (Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP
Code)>,IEC60598, IEC60335 and IEC 60034-5.

The SC-IPX includes the following test grades: IPX1, IPX2,IPX3,IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, IPX7 and IPX8 (Refer to page 51 of IEC60529).

It is widely used in the authentication test organization for the products such as electrical and electronic products, LED luminaires as well as in the relevant quality control department for the waterproof detection of the enclosures protection grades.

The whole SC-IPX waterproof test system includes:
Drip Box(SC-IPX12): The drip box is for IPX1 and IPX2 drip test. The drip box size is 800x800x75mm(LXWXH). The diameter of drip hole
is 0.4mm. The distance between drip holes is 20mm. The sample can be over 150kg.
Swing Pipe Water Spray Test Equipment (SC-IPX34): It is for IPX3 and IPX4 test. The semi-diameter of swing pipe is 1meter(Any
other size is also available). The inside diameter of the swing pipe is 15mm. The sample rotating table diameter is 1000mm (Or other
size according to the diameter of the swing pipe, and the height is adjustable. The rotation speed is 1-5rpm which controlled by PLC
panel. Waterproof Jet Test Device (SC-IPX56): With water supply device size is 1000x1000x600m, the nozzle diameter is 6.3mm (IPX5)
and 12.5mm(IPX6). The water speed is 12.5±0.626L/min for IPX5 and 100±5L/min for IPX6.
Immersion tank Waterproof test Device (SC-IPX7): It Is for IPX7 test. The water tank size is 1000x1000x1200mm (Other size can be
designed according to your request). It can test samples up to 120kg

Immersion tank Waterproof test Device(SC-IPX8): It is for IPX8 test. It can simulate a water depth of 0-50m. The water immersion
tank diameter is 600mm and the height is 1200mm. The compressive stress is 10 atmospheres or design according to customer’s

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