IEC60245-1 Figure 1 Flexing Test Cable Testing Equipment

Standards:IEC60245-1 Figure 1Testing Speed:0.33m/s
Load Current:0.5-25A, AdjustableLoad Voltage:Line-to-line Voltage 10-400V Adjustable
Testing Distance:1000±20mmSuitable Cores:2-18
Nominal Cross-sectional Area:0.2-4mm2Diameter Of Pulleys:60, 80, 120, 160, 200mm
High Light:IEC60245-1 Cable Testing Equipment ,  25A Cable Testing Equipment ,  400V flexing test

IEC60245-1 Figure 1 Flexing Test For Flexible Cable Speed 0.33M/S

IEC60245-1 Rubber insulated cables-Rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V-Part 1: General requirements clause, IEC60245-2 Rubber insulated cables-Rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V-Part 2: Test methods clause 3.1 Figure 1, IEC60065-1 clause 16.3 b


Power Supply220V/ 50 HZ
Load Current0.5-25A, adjustable
Load VoltageLine-to-line voltage 10-400V adjustable
Testing speed0.33m/s
Testing distance1000±20mm
Suitable cores2-18
Nominal cross-sectional area0.2-4mm2
Diameter of pulleys60, 80, 120, 160, 200mm
Test weights2*0.5kg with hook, 2*0.5kg with hole, 6*1kg with hole, 2*6kg with hook


It is used for checking mechanical strength of completed flexible cables. This test does not apply to flexible cables with cores of nominal cross-sectional area greater than 4mm2 , nor cables having more than 18 cores laid up in more than two concentric layers.


The test apparatus can meet the standard test requirements of the domestic and international standards, can be widely used. It has precision digital meter, thus, can accurately measure the smaller or larger current voltage. The change method for pulleys is simple and convenient. The test equipment adopts to chain drive mechanism, the performance is stable and the noise is rare.

Standard description:

This test shall be carried out by means of the apparatus shown in figure 1. This apparatus consists of a carrier C, a driving system for the carrier and four pulleys for each sample of cable to be tested. The carrier C supports two pulleys A and B, which are of the same diameter. The two fixed pulleys, at either end of the apparatus, may be of a different diameter from pulleys A and B, but all four pulleys shall be so arranged that the sample is horizontal between them. The carrier makes cycles (forward and backward movements) over a distance of 1 m at an approximately constant speed of 0,33m/s between each reversal of the direction of movement.

The pulleys shall be made of metal and have a semi-circular shaped groove for circular cables and a flat groove for flat cables. The restraining clamps D shall be fixed so that the pull is always applied by the weight from which the carrier is moving away. The distance from one restraining clamp to its support, while the other clamp is resting on its support, shall be of 5cm maximum.

The driving system shall be such that the carrier turns smoothly and without jerks when it reverses from one direction to another.

IEC60245-1 Figure 1 Flexing Test Cable Testing Equipment 0
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