Vitreous And Porcelain Enamels Pistol Impact Test Apparatus

Usage:Impact Testing MachineFunction:Impact Test
Test Object:Vitreous And Porcelain EnamelsReference Standard:ISO 4532
Impact Energy:0~90N/cmScale:2N/cm
Material:Stainless SteelRelease Mode:Manual
High Light:ISO 4532 CNAS Impact Test Apparatus ,  CNAS Impact Test Apparatus ,  CNAS impact testing equipment

Vitreous And Porcelain Enamels Pistol Impact Test Apparatus ISO 4532


Test objectvitreous and porcelain enamels
Reference standardISO 4532
TestImpact test
Impact energy0~90N/cm
MaterialStainless steel
Release modemanual


ISO4532, DIN ISO4532 (DIN51 155), ISO4586-2, SO438-2, EN438-2:2016 Clause 20.3.

Product details:

This tester is for the pistol test of vitreous and porcelain enamels in accordance with the standard requirement of ISO 4532.

It is used to judge the impact resistance of the vitreous and porcelain enamels.

As the below picture shown, this test apparatus is made up with a striking bolt with a 5 mm steel ball tip which is shot once against the surface under test by means of a pressure spring (100 mm long, unloaded)

This device is a portable handheld apparatus which can be stored in any suitcase.

Thus avoid the inconvenience of disassembly and transportation.

It can be used outside of the laboratory and workshop.

It is suitable for factory production management testing.

This mechanical equipment can be continuously adjusted from 0~90 N/cm.

And the minimum speed can be adjusted precisely to 0.5 N/cm.

Combined with custom design A-frame, this device is not only for the test of the samples’ surface but also for the samples’ edge.

Vitreous And Porcelain Enamels Pistol Impact Test Apparatus 0

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