Foam Horizontal Burning Flammability Test Equipment

Standard:UL94,IEC60695-11-3,IEC60695-11-20Usage:Horizontal And Vertical Burning Test
Burning Angle:0°,20°,45°Thermocouple:Type K (Ni/Cr – Ni/Al)
Thermocouple Size:0.5 MmTime For Temperature:From 100°C±5°C To 700°C±3°C
Volume Of Chamber:>0.5m³, Black InteriorGas Supply:Methane,min.98% Purity
High Light:UL94 Flammability Test Equipment ,  IEC60695-11-20 Flammability Test Equipment ,  IEC60695-11-3 horizontal flammability tester

Foam Horizontal Burning Test Spray Tank Flammability Test Apparatus


Foam horizontal burning tester conforms to the standard requirements of ISO9772-2001,UL94 and so on. It is suitable for testing the horizontal-vertical combustion performance of the small foam plastic sample whose density is no-less than the measured density of 250kg / m3.

This product uses the integral intake ignition system. The combustion time delays 0.1S thus to make sure the sufficient time of gas burning. It is with matte black background, multi-functional flame measure gauge, stainless steel of box full, large observation window, imported digital indicator of high precision, nice appearance. And it gathers a number of advantages of similar products home and abroad.

Main specification:

Fire period0- 99min99s (optional)
Burning period0- 99min99s (optional)
Fire-off period0- 99min99s (optional)
Burner titled angle20º,45º,90º (optional)
Flame height20m- 175m (UL standard requires)
Burner Size Parainner diameter Ø9.5mm±0.3mm, (Bunsen burner) length of 100mm
Timer:0~999.9s+/-0.1 s (adjustable)
Gas:98% methane
Size:around 1100mm×700mm×1300mm
Power SupplyAC 220v/50HZ

Standards:UL 94 Test for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and

Appliances :IEC60950:1999, IEC 707 ,ISO1210,1992,GB/T 5169, GB/T 4706

Accessories: Micro gas tanks, Micro gas cylinders 2pcs, lighting device, air extractor

Gas flow control valve, Gas pressure gauge, Gas pressure regulator, Gas flow meter, Gas u-shaped , pressure gauge and specimen clamp,, power line 1pcs

Main Functions:

.The machine can record the burn time and finish experiment automatically,

.It can open and close the exhaust system automatically,

.Both FT and VW test can be performed by this machine.

.A big window in the door makes viewing more convenient,and you can check the samples by two gloves.

.Flame calibrating system is available

horizontal-vertical flame chamber tester is a fully automatic instrument contained in its own cabinet to maximize the safety of the operator. It screening procedure for comparing the relative burning behavior specimens made from plastic and other non-metallic materials, exposed to a flame ignition source of 50W or 500W nominal power. These test methods determine the linear burning rate and the after flame/afterglow times, as well as the damaged length of specimens. They are applicable to solid and cellular materials that have an apparent density of not less than 250kg/m3, determined in accordance with ISO 845. Then do not apply to materials that shrink away from the applied flame without ignition; ISO 9773 should be used for thin flexible materials. And the combustion test device of plastic materials represented by UL-94. It can perform each test of HB, V0 to V2, 5V and VTM, HBF.

Foam Horizontal Burning Flammability Test Equipment 0
Foam Horizontal Burning Flammability Test Equipment 1
Foam Horizontal Burning Flammability Test Equipment 2

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