SANS 164 Plug Socket Tester Mold Steel Plug Socket Gauge

Material:Mold SteelStandards:SANS 164-1,SANS 164-2,SANS 164-3,SANS 164-4
SANS 164-1:Edition 5 ANNEX A B C D FSANS 164-2:Edition 3 B C D
SANS 164-3:Edition 1.1 ANNEX A B C DSANS 164-4:Edition 1.1 ANNEX D F
High Light:Mold Steel Plug Socket Gauge ,  SANS 164 Plug Socket Tester ,  Plug Socket Tester Gauge

SANS 164 Gauge For Plug And Socket South African Standard Gauges


Product ModelStandardProduct Name
SC-S4-11Edition 5 ANNEX ASANS 164-1
SC-S4-12Edition 5 ANNEX BSANS 164-1
SC-S4-13Edition 5 ANNEX CSANS 164-1
SC-S4-14Edition 5 ANNEX DSANS 164-1
SC-S4-15Edition 5 ANNEX FSANS 164-1
SC-S4-16Edition 5 ANNEX F F.2SANS 164-1
SC-S4-17Edition 3SANS 164-2
SC-S4-18Edition 3 ANNEX BSANS 164-2
SC-S4-19Edition 3 ANNEX CSANS 164-2
SC-S4-20Edition 3 ANNEX DSANS 164-2
SC-S4-21Edition 1.1 ANNEX ASANS 164-3
SC-S4-22Edition 1.1 ANNEX BSANS 164-3
SC-S4-23Edition 1.1 ANNEX CSANS 164-3
SC-S4-24Edition 1.1 ANNEX DSANS 164-3
SC-S4-25Edition 1.1 ANNEX F.1SANS 164-3
SC-S4-26Edition 1.1 ANNEX F.2SANS 164-3
SC-S4-27Edition 1.1 ANNEX DSANS 164-4
SC-S4-28Edition 1.1 ANNEX F.2ASANS 164-4
SC-S4-29Edition 1.1 ANNEX FSANS 164-4
SC-S4-30Edition 1.1 ANNEX F.2BSANS 164-4


Guangzhou Shice offers a wide range of gauge to meet the most common standards including those from IEC, EN, UL, GB,DIN,VDE and others. Such standards require the checking of size & definition etc. these gauges are constructed from senior stainless steel and appropriate steel with a hardness of at least 53-58 HRC and a roughness according to standard require. Each gauge is supplied with a certificate of calibration.

Guangzhou Shice Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Shice) is the one professional focus on IEC testing equipments, IP waterproof testing equipments, electronic testing products and other testing products. Guangzhou Shice is professionally dedicated in providing laboratory testing equipment. We are now the high-tech enterprises with technical superiority and R & D capabilities in test instruments industry.

Guangzhou Shice are designed and manufactured as per the requirements of IEC, EN, UL, VDE, BS, AS, ISO standards and etc. Our main products are: waterproof and dustproof (IP) environmental test equipment; switch, plug, socket and coupler test equipment; mechanical strength impact test equipment; material fire hazard test equipment, enclosure protection test probes; household appliances safety test equipment; wire and cable test equipment; luminaires test equipment; electric tools test equipment. Our products are widely used in domestic and worldwide measurement & certification institutions, inspecting mechanism, laboratories, export & import inspection and quarantine bureau, various production companies and etc. Our customer includes Bureau Veritas, CSA, ITS, UL, TUV Rheinland, TUV SUD, SGS and etc.

SANS 164 Plug Socket Tester Mold Steel Plug Socket Gauge 0
SANS 164 Plug Socket Tester Mold Steel Plug Socket Gauge 1

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