Arrangement For Impact Test Light Testing Equipment

Standard:IEC 60598-1 Clause 8.15Name:Arrangement For Impact Test For Handlamps
Steel Jaws Width:15mmSteel Jaws Radius:2.5 Mm
The Force Applied Through The Jaws:100 NTest Environment:Heating Cabinet
Temperature:100±2℃Customize:OEM, ODM
High Light:SGS Light Testing Equipment ,  100N Light Testing Equipment ,  IEC 60598-1 Arrangement For Impact test

IEC 60598-1 Clause 8.15 Arrangement For Impact Test For Handlamps

Technical parameters:

Steel jaws width15mm
Steel jaws radius2.5 mm
The force applied through the jaws100 N
StandardIEC 60598-1 clause 8.15

Product information:

This test apparatus is designed and manufactured according to the standard requirements of IEC 60598-1 clause 8.15.1 for handlamps having a handle or shell of flexible material, such as rubber or polychloroprene, compliance shall be checked by the following test.

The parts of the handlamp which are gripped in normal use, are subjected to a pressure test in an apparatus similar to that shown in figure 3, the test being made in a heating cabinet maintained at a temperature of 100±2℃.

The sample is clamped between steel jaws, having a cylindrical face of 25 mm radius, a width of 15 mm and a length of 50 mm. The corners are rounded with a radius of 2.5 mm.

The sample is clamped in such a way that the jaws press against it in the area where it is gripped in normal use, the centre line of the jaws coinciding as nearly as possible with the centre of this area.

The force applied through the jaws is 100 N.

After 1 h, the jaws are removed and the sample shall show no damage.

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