220V Adjustable Speed Electrical Appliance Tester

Standard:QB/T4099-2010 Clause Speed:60±2r/min
Adjustable:0-70 R/minClamping Range:Φ100-Φ320mm, Height300mm, Using Alignment Screw Clamp Structure
Adopt Aluminum Frame:Rotary Table Using Aluminum Abrasive BlastingLoad Capacity:5kg
Power Supply:AC220, 50HzApplication:For Assessment Of The Coating Scratch Resistance Of The Cooking Vessel Under The Load
High Light:T4099-2010 Electrical Appliance Tester ,  220V Electrical Appliance Tester ,  SGS electrical testing equipment

Cooking Vessel Abrasion Instrument Adjustable Speed Electrical Appliance Tester

Product information:

Cooking vessel abrasion instrument meet the standard of QB/T4099-2010 clause, mainly used for assessment of the coating scratch resistance of the cooking vessel under the load. It is suitable for inner pot of the rice cookers and other similar cooking vessels.

Technical parameters:

Rotate speed60±2r/min, frequency control,adjustable 0-70 r/min
Sample test times0-999999 can be set, default 26000 times (rotate)
Clamping rangeΦ100-Φ320mm, height300mm, using alignment screw clamp structure
Adopt aluminum framerotary table using aluminum abrasive blasting, load capacity 5kg
LoadAdding maximum amount of 1/2 rice in the container, not adding water
Positive and reverse rotation switchablewith open door protect switch, it will shut down when open the door
Adjustable mixing plateBlack nylon, diagonal can be adjusted 90-140mm, height 75mm, thickness 15mm, the bottom fillet is greater than R13, the height can be adjusted by the column
Fixed mixing plateBlack nylon, 100 and 110mm, height 75mm, thickness 15mm, the bottom fillet is greater than R13, the height can be adjusted by the column
Power supplyAC220, 50Hz

Test method:

1. Choose the mixing plate according to corresponding cooking vessel size, prepare maximum amount of 1/2 rice.

2. Using alignment screw clamp the cooking vessel on the mounting plate, roll down the mixing plate, to make the distance from each side of the mixing plate to inner side of the cooking vessel is 10mm, fixed the decline screw of the mixing plate.

3. Turn on the power, 【Speed display】is set to 60r/min, 【Running times】is set to 26000, add the rice prepared well before into the cooking vessel, close the door, the equipment will be rotated when by the direction of positive / reverse when pressing positive / reverse button, it will automatic shutdown after reaching the number of running times.

4. After the test was finished, observe the coating in the inner side of the cooking vessel, which should be in accordance with the standard 5.4.2b requirements.

Troubleshooting and maintenance:

S/NFailure phenomenonFault causeProcessing method
  1  Press positive / reverse button without starting when start the machineReach to the number of running timesPress【RST】Reset counter
Door switch, door protect switch are openClose the door, the door protect switch are closed
The bottom of the inner pot was pressing down by mixing plateRaised mixing plate, so that to make it is about 10mm from the bottom
2Mixing plate is shakeThe lifting screw nut haven’t been fixedFixed the up and down screw nut

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