CEI 23-50 Italian Standard Plug Socket Tester 16A Outlet Gauges

Material:Mold SteelStandards:CEI 23-50
CEI-23-50-C1:Gauges C1 Of 10A 250V & 16A 250VCEI-23-50-C2:Gauges C2
CEI-23-50-S30:Gauges S30 Of 16A 250VCEI-23-50-S31:Gauges S31 Of 16A 250V
High Light:CEI 23-50 Plug Socket Tester ,  16A Plug Socket Tester ,  C3 Socket Outlet Gauges

CEI 23-50 Italian Standard Plug and Socket Outlets Gauges

1. Application:
This plug and socket test gauge is mainly used to test and inspect whether the structure and size of plugs and sockets conform to CEI 23-50 standards. And the mainly application industries are electronics, electrical appliances, plugs and sockets and other similar areas.

2. Features:
Gauge dimensions, tolerances, material, hardness, surface roughness conform to the standards requirements;
Material hardness is more than 50HRC; Material thermal expansion coefficient is small, dimensions and tolerances is stable and reliable.

3. Specifications:

No.StandardsGauge Name
1CEI-23-50-S30Gauges S30 of 16A 250V
2CEI-23-50-S31Gauges S31 of 16A 250V
3CEI-23-50-S32Gauges S32 of 16A 250V
4CEI-23-50-C1Gauges C1 of 10A 250V & 16A 250V
5CEI-23-50-C2Gauges C2
6CEI-23-50-C3Gauges C3
7CEI-23-50-C4Gauges C4
8CEI-23-50-C5Gauges C5
9CEI-23-50-C6Gauges C6
10CEI-23-50-C7Gauges C7
11CEI-23-50-C8Gauges C8
12CEI-23-50-C9Gauges C9
13CEI-23-50-C10Gauges C10
14CEI-23-50-C11Gauges C11
CEI 23-50 Italian Standard Plug Socket Tester 16A Outlet Gauges 0

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