Waterproof Stainless Steel IPX6 Water Jet Test

IPX6 Water Jet Test
Detailed Product Description
Material: Stainless Steel Standard: IEC60529 IPX5, IPX6
Operation Panel: Touch Panel Outer Size: 1000×800×1300mm
Volume Of Water Tank: 450L IPX5 Flow: 12.5±0.625L/min
IPX6 Flow: 100±5L/min Turntable Size: Φ600mm
Spraying Distance: 2.5-3m Flow Display: Rotameter
High Light:

IPX6 Water Jet Test


IPX5 Water Jet Test


ipx5 waterproof test


IEC 60529 IPX5 IPX6 Water Jet Tester Heavy Spray Test Equipment


The IPX5 IPX6 Water Jet Tester Heavy Spray Test Equipment is used for the testing of IPX5 and IPX6
The device to shell protection grade (IP code) based mainly for electrical and electronic products, LED products, lamps, electrical cabinets, communications, digital equipment, transportation and other products to simulate outdoor rain weather conditions, and test the performance of the product is waterproof, to determine whether the corresponding level of protection, in order to product’s design, development and test use.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model SC-IPX56AS
Operation panel Touch panel
Flow display Rotameter
Outer size 1000×800×1300mm
Volume of water tank 450L
IPX5 Flow 12.5±0.625L/min
IPX6 Flow 100±5L/min
Spraying distance 2.5-3m Controled by experimenter
Turntable size Φ600mm
Spray gun fixing method Hand held spray gun
Safety protection measures Leakage protection, water shortage protection, short circuit protection

Conform to:
IEC 60335-1

IP Code of the IPX5 and IPX6

Other kind of IPX5 IPX6 waterproof test device for choose.

Waterproof test chamber is mainly used in electronic, electrical products, lamps and lanterns, electrical cabinets, electrical components, automobiles, motorcycles and their parts, and other products under the condition of the climate simulation in the rain, for the physical test of the products. Determine whether the product performance meets the requirements by measuring.

I) SC-IPX56AL with button menu.


chamber, cycling use of water,

sample electrifying test.


chamber, cycling use of water,

sample electrifying test,

Spray nozzles can swing automatically

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