Spray Heads Test Apparatus Ingress Protection Test Equipment

UL spray Test Apparatus
Detailed Product Description
Temperature: Room Temperature Warranty: 12 Months
Standard: UL1017 Figure 7, UL1598Figure19.18.1 Spray Head: 3
Nozzle Spray Angle: 45° Spray Pressure: 34.5Kpa
Pressure Gauge: 0 – 1.6bar Pipe Material: PVC Hose
High Light:

TUV Ingress Protection Test Equipment


34.5Kpa Ingress Protection Test Equipment


SGS UL rain test

UL Sprinkler Tester Water Movable Spray Heads Test Apparatus


The Sprinkler test shall to consist a single spray heads mounted as show UL 1598,

the spray heads shall be according to UL 1598.

The water pressure shall be maintained at 140Kpa (20PSI) at spray head.

Main Technical Parameters:

Spray head 3, confirm to UL1598 figure 19.17.2
Nozzle spray angle 45°
Spray pressure 34.5Kpa
Structure Spray head distance: 710mm,

confirm to UL1598 figure19.17.1,

can go up and down,

control valve for each spray head

Pressure gauge 3, range:0.25MPa,

distance between the spray head 75mm

Conforms To:


UL1017 Figure 7


A, Spray angle: Upward 45 degrees

B, Pipe material: PVC hose

C, Stainless steel fixing device

D, Pressure gauge: 0 – 1.6bar

E, Spray head 1 unit according to Figure 7

F, Outer Dimensions: W*D*H=510mm*400mm*150mm

G, weight 40KG

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