Single Cable Flammability Test Equipment , IEC60332 Vertical Flammability Test

Control Operation Mode:Electrical Control, Button OperationGas Flow And Gas Category:Mixture Gas:650±30mL/min Propane;10±0.5L/min Air,Dual Flow Meter Adjustment
Burning Angle:Tilt 45°±2°,AdjustableCombustion Chamber:1 M³
Test Sample:Single Cable Or Optical Cable ProductsFixed Horizontal Support Of The Sample:2, Distance:550mm
Standards:IEC60332Application:Vertical Burning Test Of Single Cable Or Optical Cable Products
High Light:SGS Flammability Test Equipment ,  IEC60332 Flammability Test Equipment ,  CSA Vertical Flammability Test

Single Cable Vertical Burning Electrical Control Test Chamber IEC60332


Working voltage220V/50Hz
Control operation modeElectrical control, button operation
Blast burner standardIEC60695-11-2 Annex A,Burner opening:Φ7±0.05mm,made of brass
Gas flow and gas categoryMixture gas:650±30mL/min propane;10±0.5L/min air,Dual flow meter adjustment
Burning time9999X0.1S
Burning angleTilt 45°±2°,Adjustable
Test flame calibrationTemperature measuring copper head:1000W:Ф9mm±0.01mm,weight before drilling:10 ± 0 .05g
Thermocouple: The American original Omega φ0.5 armour nickel-chromium/nickel aluminum wire K-Thermocouple,temperature resistance 1100°
Distance between the bunsen burner port to temperature measuring copper block:95 mm
Flame height:Inner flame:55±5mm,Outer flame:180±10mm
Temperature rise time from 100±5°C to 700°±3°C 45±5s
Metallic screen sizeH1200mm*W300mm*D450mm
Combustion chamber1 m³
Gas>95% propane or coal gas
Test sampleLength:600±25㎜,distance from the bottom:50mm
Fixed horizontal support of the sample2, distance:550mm


IEC60332-1-1:2004,IEC60332-1-2:2004,IEC60332-1-3:2004,IEC 60332-2-2 and etc.


Suitable for vertical burning test of single cable or optical cable products, determine the combustion characteristics of insulating materials.

Test sample:

Single cable or optical cable products.


Using integral intake automatic ignition system, combustion time delay only 0.1s to ensure that the full combustion of the gas.

Single Cable Flammability Test Equipment , IEC60332 Vertical Flammability Test 0

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