IEC60884 Plug Socket Tester Torque Balance Test Apparatus

Name:Torque Balance Test ApparatusStandard:IEC60884, VDE0620, IEC60598, IEC60065 Fig11
Weight:2.5N*1, 1N*1Plug:UL Plug*1, European Plug*1,all-purpose Plug*1
The Distance From The Contact Surface And The Axis Of The Surface:8mmArm Of Force:0-200mm
High Light:IEC60884 Plug Socket Tester ,  200mm Plug Socket Tester ,  Torque Balance Test Apparatus

IEC60065 Figure 11 Socket Outlet Torque Balance Test Apparatus

Technical parameters:

weight2.5N*1, 1N*1
PlugUL plug*1, European plug*1,all-purpose plug*1
Conforms to standardIEC60884,VDE0620,IEC60598,IEC60065Fig11
Arm of force0-200mm
The distance from the contact surface and the Axis of the surface8mm

Product information:

The plug torque tester conforms to the standard of IEC60065 figure 11.

It is used for checking whether the mechanical stress which occurs when the Direct Plug-in Equipment with plug pin normally insert into the socket is in the required range.

A device provided with pins intended to be introduced into fixed socket-outlets shall not impose undue strain on these socket-outlets.
The balancing arm of the test apparatus pivots about a horizontal axis through the centre lines of the contact tubes of the socket-outlet at a distance of 8 mm behind the engagement face of the socket-outlet.
With the device not in engagement, the balancing arm is in equilibrium, the engagement face of the socket-outlet being in the vertical position.
After the device has been engaged, the torque to be applied to the socket-outlet to maintain its engagement face in the vertical plane is determined by the position of a weight on the balancing arm.

The torque shall not exceed 0.25 Nm.


IEC60884 Plug Socket Tester Torque Balance Test Apparatus 0

1 – balance weight

2 – measuring bubble

3 – level bubble

4 – measuring weight

5 – height regulation screw

6 – support rod

Testing steps

  1. Put the device on a level table, and adjust the device to horizontal.
  2. Hang the 4 – measuring weight on balance arm, and adjust the 5 – height regulation screw, make the balance arm in horizontal.When balance arm in horizontal, air bubble of 2 – level bubble in center position.
  3. Remove the 4 – measuring weight, adjust the 1 – balance weight position, keep the balance arm in horizontal position. And make the balance arm keep a distance about 1mm to the 6 – support rod.
  4. Install the test sample on device, tighten the screw. Now the balance arm up.IEC60884 Plug Socket Tester Torque Balance Test Apparatus 1
  5. Hang the 4 – measuring weight on balance arm. Adjust the position of 4 – measuring weight, record the position where make the balance arm level, air bubble of 2 – measuring bubble in center position, balance arm keep 1mm distance to 6 – support rod. Say the position located at 10.3cm.
  6. Torque measurement (1) The appropriate weight is hung on the lower scale. (2) Move the weight slowly until the balance arm is in a horizontal state.
  7. Torque of the sample applied to the socket: Scale value X weight For example:Torque:0.12mX2.5N=0.3Nm
  8. IEC60884 Plug Socket Tester Torque Balance Test Apparatus 2

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