Lamp Aging Line Environmental Testing Chambers

Function:Lamp AgingSize:1780*500*1500mm (can Be Customize)
Work Station:50 (can Be Customize)Lamp Holders:E27 (can Be Customize)
Control:7 Inch Touch ScreenPLC:Omron
High Light:CNAS Environmental Testing Chambers ,  E27 Environmental Testing Chambers ,  CNAS Lamp Aging Line

Customized Lamp Aging Lines Automatic Lines For Aging LED Lamps


Lamp Aging Line is aging for various kinds of lamps including tube, bulb, downlight, panel light, streetlight.

The aging line is a special production equipment for light production.

This set of equipment is suitable for automatic aging of different LED lamp bulb.

Through the testing of the products including voltage, high temperature and high voltage, impact, simulation grid voltage fluctuation of voltage and voltage, we can observe whether these products can bear the impact of the voltage, capacitance blasting, short circuit, black, bright flash, etc.,which can help us improve the quality of these products! The whole machine all adopt the imported touch screen and PLC control, high power voltage regulator, strong power output, etc. All kinds of lamp holder, products can be customized for you.What’s more,the device provides a full range of quality guarantee for your products.


Size1780*500*1500mm (can be customize)
Work station50 (can be customize)
Lamp holdersE27 (can be customize)
voltage regulator1
ampere meter1
Control7 inch touch screen
current detector10
FunctionCarry out on-off detection, alarm function (starting time, shutdown time) count control, with open circuit detection, short circuit detection and other fault detection functions, and record the fault cause, fault time and the number of completed tests.

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