IEC60811 Cable Testing Equipment , Dumbbell Pieces Preparing Machine

Standard:IEC60811-1-1:2001,IEC60811-1-3:2001,IEC60811-2-1:2001Function:Used To Prepare The Dumbbell Test Piece
Maximum Face Width:190mmCutting Speed:16.7 M / Min
Pressure Roller Adjustment Range:0 -15mmSlice Thickness:0.6-3mm
Power Supply:220V 50HzCustomize:OEM, ODM
High Light:IEC60811 Cable Testing Equipment ,  SGS Cable Testing Equipment ,  Dumbbell Pieces Preparing Machine

IEC60811 Dumble Test Pieces Preparing Machine Cable Testing Equipment

Product information:

The test device conforms to IEC60811-1-1:2001,IEC60811-1-3:2001,IEC60811-2-1:2001, and etc.

It is used to prepare the dumbbell Test Piece. 

The IEC 60811 series specifies the test methods to be used for testing rubber, insulation or coating material, non-metallic materials of all types of cables. These test methods are intended to be referenced in standards for cable construction and for cable materials.

It is required to equip with various dumbbell cutter according to the needs for cutting piece.


This machine adopts the light roller to control the thickness of the chip, the light roller feeds the material, and the tool performs the chipping. The device can prepare a variety of cable samples, has a compact appearance, and is easy to use and operate.

Dumbbell cutter specifications:

Maximum face width190mm
Cutting speed16.7 m / min(up and down roller: rotation speed 110 circles / min)
Pressure roller adjustment range (maximum feed thickness)0 -15mm
Slice thickness0.6-3mm
Power supply220V 50Hz
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